Maplestory has helped me develop


So, with Maplestories 10th anniversary coming up, I'd love to enter the groove up party with a few have you been playing Maplestory??! What do you think about Maplestory?How much have you spent Maplestory with Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos!

I've been playing Maplestory since before its 1st anniversary once I was 6 (ikr). There were moments when I've taken a break for a few weeks. But there is no denying it, Maplestory has helped me develop, and it is, and likely always will be in my head, among the greatest games. Obviously it has its flaws and it may be a bit rough around the edges but its fantastic is wonderful! (for the most part anyways) but it may be absolutely poisonous as it needs to be. As'lame' or'nerdy as it seems to some of you, some of my memories have been on Maplestory and it really has helped me. As for the financial part of things, I've spent a bit over $1000 on Maplestory. (I understand -_-, I understand ). Anyways that's my side of things, so how about you!

A friend response:I remember finding maple downloading and creating a character. I just got done using island, reached Lith Harbor and began talking with the course statues once the game went down. It went down to get a patch that was. I started sometime in 2006. I thought the match was amazing I never played a game . It was my first MMO. Exploring every nook and cranny, becoming excited discovering new MapleStory 2 items. Attempting to explore content as it was released but being low leveled ran the risk of dieing and dropping that 10 percent xp that took me.

Among my fondest walnut memories is Exploring with a guildie"fatherdark" Who'll remain on my buddies list always even though he stopped playing years ago. We made a decision to reach the close of the ant tunnels in search of the fabled rog. Once we hit the ice drakes believes got sketchy They did damage kept tele and casting cure porting from the way. Then we left it to the taurospears.... Two gloomy tombstones immediately fell to the ground of this map.... We began trek into the cursed out alter. We were equally xp today so we figured wth? Dont have to lose. Finally we left it after dieng several occasions and now there he was... Jr Balrog. What do we do? We cant kill it... What... Attack!!!!!

Then we decided to walk all the way. . I recall entering the map together with all the cube golems and thinking... What the hell are they?!?!?!? Run!!!!!!!!!! As it was all shiney and new, SmileyMaples was exciting and entertaining.

I also remember mt first boat ride to orbis. The ship takes off and everybody goes so that I followed, running inside. Individuals were popping in and out then a person said. . Smiley omg their here!!! Aww **** that I'mm dead.... Smiley

So I thoroughly enjoyed playing walnut back then. The game has evovled so much since that time, To think how I would have to attack to get a little in HHG then sit on my seat to regain Maplestory HP/MP cause I had no mesos for baskets to now where I can conduct into lv 100 in no time and likely not use one pot is pretty crazy.

. I found some with Kart Rider onto it.... Miss that game it was amazing!!! Facebook program wasn't the same, any that I had 1360$ in cards I"m sure some were lost or thrown away over the years and I"billed" NX occasionally.Now the anniversary shows up and we are being told things such as the match is too damage and the events weren't meant to be used like this. This new stance is entirely baffling to me and Official Site seems totally counter productive a nexon perspective, it seems you ought to want these individuals to have a means to compete and feel they have the ability to make them self more powerful, because without these choices I will hazard to guess a lot of these folks would eventually become quickly discouraged and give up. I dont know the new position particularly in light of all of the ways Nexon has tried to close these gaps in the funded and unfunded to abruptly change course and tell us that they do not want people to utilize one of the main tools they've always used to strengthen their characters...